Skate parks

Kids at Skatepark on Boards
Skater riding a transition at the Ewing Park skate park

Ewing Park Skate Park

Ewing Park, district level skate park.

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McKern Skate Park with Lake in background

McKern Skate Park, Eaglehawk

This is an international class park for beginner and intermediate skaters that includes split level quarter pipes, flat banks, hubba ledge, spine, euro gap and grind rails.

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Kids at Skatepark on Boards

Axedale Skate Park

A small park that has a quarter at one end, a box and two rails (one curved and one straight). The park also features seats, tables, a BBQ under shelter, toilets, water tap and a playground.

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Elmore Skate Park 3039

Elmore Skate Park

This is a small park that offers single level quarter pipe with coping rail, basic fun box with hubba ledge, low set flat bar and a curved grinding pole for beginners.

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Epsom Village Green skate park

Epsom Village Skate Park

Advanced skate park featuring slappy kerb, transition, hips, banks 1350mm and 900mm, volcano, banked wall, and car stopper kerb

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Heathcote Skate Park 2600

Heathcote Skate Park

The park has two quarter pipes with steel balustrades, transition platform, concrete slide rail and a central slide rail. The park has quarters at each end, a box and slide rails.

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