Swimming centre admission fees

Girl on the edge of the Aquatic Centre pool

These ticket prices apply to all swimming centres except the Peter Krenz Centre and Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre. There's no charge to use the Long Gully Splash Park.

Pool day entry prices

  • Adult day ticket: $5.60, $4.50 (concession) 
  • Child day ticket: $4.50 
  • Student day ticket: $4.50 
  • Family day ticket: $14.80, $11.20 (concession) 
  • School event day entry: $2.00 per person 
  • Group day entry (10+ people): $3.40 per person 

Pool season entry prices

A season ticket gives you unlimited use of local swimming centres (except Peter Krenz Centre and Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre) from the third Sunday in November until the third Saturday in March.  

  • Adult season ticket: $107.00, $81.00 (concession) 
  • Child season ticket: $79.00 
  • Family season ticket $205.00, $162.00 (concession) 

Extended season ticket (September-May)

To make the most of the Bendigo East Swimming Pool and Bendigo Aquatic Centre’s longer swimming season, we offer an extended seasons pass. It is for unlimited use between the third Saturday in September and the second Sunday in May and can be used across all sites (except Peter Krenz Centre and Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre).

  • Adult extended season ticket: $164.00, $130.00 (concession) 
  • Child extended season ticket: $128.00
  • Family extended season ticket $270.00, $217.00 (concession)

Mid-season ticket

A value-for-money ticket for unlimited use of our centres, available mid-season (January 31).

  • Adult January 31 season ticket: $51.00
  • Child January 31 season ticket: $39.00
  • Family January 31 season ticket $98.00

Upgrading your season ticket to an extended season (March-May) ticket

If you have enjoyed a great swimming season and want to swim until the second Sunday in May, we offer this extension to your season ticket (available in March).

  • Adult district season ticket: $58.00
  • Child district season ticket: $46.00 
  • Family district season ticket $60.00

Local pool season ticket (December-March)

This ticket is for patrons in Marong, Elmore, Goornong, Raywood and Heathcote who wish to swim for the season at their local pool (only).

  • Adult rural ticket: $82.00
  • Child rural ticket: $55.00
  • Family rural ticket $130.00

Winter seasons ticket

This ticket is for swimmers who wish to swim over the winter months (mid May - Mid September). Bendigo East Swimming Pool offers an outdoor swimming option in the cooler months.

  • Adult winter use: $198.00
  • Child winter use: $158.00
  • Family winter use: $342.00

Concession cards that we accept

Healthcare Card, Student Card, Veteran Affairs Card, Victorian Carers Card, Pension Card, Seniors Card or Companion Card only.

What is a family?

A swimming centre family ticket gives admission to two adults and dependent children (under the age of 16). We may ask to see a Medicare Card.

Please note that children's entry is subject to Watch Around Water supervision responsibilities.

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