The City of Greater Bendigo is a member of the Goldfields Library Corporation. We are represented on the library's board and provide funding to the library.

Library locations and hours

Bendigo Library

The exciting new generation Bendigo Library has opened to the public.

259 Hargreaves Street
Ph 03 5449 2700   
Fax 03 5441 2247
[email protected]
More information and Bendigo Library hours

Goldfields Research Centre

259 Hargreaves Street
Ph 03 5449 2700
Fax 03 5441 2247  
[email protected] 
More information and Goldfields Research Centre hours

Bendigo Regional Archives Centre 

259 Hargreaves Street
Ph 03 5449 2700
Fax 03 5441 2247
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Kangaroo Flat Library  

267 High Street  
Ph 5447 8344
Fax 5447 3930
[email protected]    
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Heathcote Library

125 High Street    
Ph & fax 03 5433 3734 
[email protected] 
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Eaglehawk Library

Mechanics Institute Building, Peg Leg Road, Eaglehawk
Ph 03 5446 7577
Fax 03 5441 2247
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Mobile Library

Ph 03 5449 2790  
More information about the Mobile Library

Goldfields Research Centre

The Goldfields Research Centre is on the first floor of the Bendigo Library and contains specialised collections of books, CD-ROMs, microforms and databases covering Bendigo, the Goldfields, Australiana, genealogy and children's literature.

Historical papers for many local areas are also kept. Local genealogical group members will help with research at specified times or by appointment.

Extensive local history resources and skilled staff are available.

The Bendigo Regional Archives Centre, at the Goldfields Research Centre, provides access to government and non-government historic records for the region.

More information about the Goldfields Research Centre

Available to borrow

Library membership is free and members can borrow:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Audio books on cassette, CD and MP3
  • DVDs
  • Music CDs

If not already reserved, items may be renewed in person, by phone or via the Internet. A nominal fee is charged for overdue items. A current list of charges is displayed in each library.

Free Internet and computer access is available at all Goldfields Libraries. Sessions are booked for a maximum of one hour per person per day.  Library membership is required for regular use.