Parks, Gardens and Reserves


The City of Greater Bendigo has a wealth of open space and parklands including areas of exotic and native vegetation of historical and environmental importance.

We have innovatively used piped recycled water to rejuvenate many of the parks, reserves and sporting fields in the district, preserving many of the historic gardens and ensuring the use of sports fields in these harsh climatic conditions.

Parks & Gardens

There are plenty of high quality parks in the area that visitors and residents can enjoy. There is Rosalind Park in the center of town, Canterbury Gardens in Eaglehawk, Gateway Park in Kangaroo Flat, the Bendigo Botanic Gardens at White Hills and Lake Weeroona.


Greater Bendigo boasts over 120 play-spaces featuring different equipment and facilities and there is sure to be one located near your home.

In Greater Bendigo play-spaces are categorised as Local (LPS), District (DPS) and Regional (RPS). 

Local play spaces cater for individual local neighbourhoods, District play spaces serve residents living in a particular suburb or area of Greater Bendigo while Regional play spaces are destination playgrounds such as Lake Weeroona, Rosalind Park and the new Long Gully Splash Park that cater for the wider community and visitors to the region.

Natural Reserves

The City of Greater Bendigo is home to many linear creeks, urban bushcare sites, urban farm forestry sites, significant road reserves and dozens of other natural reserves. Read more about Natural Reserves.


The City of Bendigo is home to numerous native and exotic trees. Several thousand trees reside in the many parks and reserves around the shire. The arboriculture department undertake the huge tasks involved in managing these assets through regular maintenance, and the careful selection of new tree stock to be planted. Read more about trees.

Hiring Parks and Reserves

To book one of our parks or reserves please contact the Customer Service Centre on 03 5434 6000.