Lake Weeroona play space design

Artists impression of the Lake Weeroona Play Space Concept

The City of Greater Bendigo has developed a concept plan for the renewal of the Lake Weeroona Play Space.

The Lake Weeroona Play Space is one of the City’s most popular and well used play spaces. However, as it is was constructed in 1988 it is now time to build a new play space at the site to continue to entertain new generations of young people for the next 20 years. The renewal is also a key action of the Lake Weeroona Master plan 2011.

Earlier this year, the City undertook community consultation via a survey and by talking to people at listening posts held at Lake Weeroona. The consultation generated many responses and demonstrated the community’s love for the existing space including the fencing, the maze-like structure with multiple pathways and slides. The most common ideas to improve the play space included better separation of junior and senior play zones, more seating, shade and nature and water play.

The feedback received by the City has been incorporated into an exciting concept plan.

The concept plan features:

  • Retention of the secure fence around the play space but with a slightly bigger footprint than the existing space
  • Junior and senior play zones with play equipment for all ages and abilities and a variety of seating options. The two zones are separated by a central lawn area to provide opportunities for supervision of the surrounding activities
  • A water play area to provide cooling water sprays in the hotter months and a quieter seating area in the colder months
  • An accessible ramp running from the north heading south to provide access to the junior play zone and ending in two taller towers. The ramp will incorporate the existing Peppercorn tree and provide a shaded tree house space. As the ramp gets higher it can be accessed by more climbing nets with tunnels and swings installed underneath
  • The two towers will provide views over the play space, lake and reserve. The highest tower will have several longer slides coming off it and will provide access to a large climbing net
  • Various swinging options including a basket swing will be included across the site
  • A nature play area next to the junior play zone for quieter experiences
  • Two entrances one in the north (closer to the picnic shelter) and the other in the south (closer to the toilet facility)
  • A new welcome plaza zone located between the play space and the car park where people can congregate in a shaded seating area near the food and drink vans
  • Installation of shade sails and trees and shrubs to provide relief in the hotter weather.

See the concept plan.

Project Timeline

The City will incorporate the feedback received on the concept plan into the detailed design of the play space. This process is expected to commence in October 2020. 

When funding for the project is secured, it is hoped that construction will start in late 2021 or early 2022.

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