Questions for Council

If your question is about routine or operational Council requests, you should instead make a request with our Customer Service. 

Public question time

Council allows up to 30 minutes for question time on any matter except for planning items that are that is scheduled to be dealt with at a particular Council Meeting or anything that is defamatory, otherwise inappropriate or outside the scope of Council.

Public Question Time is not a requirement of Council under the Local Government Act. This Council has enabled it under the Governance Rules adopted by the Council to ensure greater public transparency and accountability. The Council asks that the opportunity to ask a question of the Council in this form is treated respectfully and within these rules.

Anyone wanting to have a question answered as part of question time is encouraged to lodge it by 4pm on the Friday before the scheduled monthly Council meeting, held on the fourth Monday of the month.

Register your question

Council Meetings are held Mondays. Public questions must be lodged by 4pm the Friday prior to the Council Meeting.

Other options

Public question time is only one of many ways the community is able to communicate with Council, other options include: