Bendigo Airport survey opens to help build a business case for potential flight routes

Media release

The community is invited to take part in a new Bendigo Airport survey that will help guide a business case for potential flights in the future.

The City is working with Lime Intelligence to conduct market research among the Greater Bendigo community, together with travellers who frequently fly from Bendigo and Melbourne airports for business or leisure. 

Bendigo Airport has been providing a Qantas return service to Sydney since March 2019. A new flight schedule began last month which allows passengers to travel Bendigo to Sydney return in a day to meet market demand amongst business travellers.

Manager Economic Development Ben Devanny said the new survey was the next step to help with future planning and potential services.

“By understanding the needs of the local community, we can look at ways to build future travel from Bendigo Airport,” Mr Devanny said.

“The community engagement will help us understand the market including travellers who are currently flying via Melbourne and those already using the services at Bendigo Airport. 

“We are also seeking information from the wider community, including people who are yet to use the Bendigo Airport service.

“We're inviting you to complete our survey and tell us about your thoughts on what kind of flight services would be on your wish list in the future from Bendigo and why.
“Your feedback will help us build a foundation of customer knowledge that will help us advocate for future airport growth and new opportunities.
“There is no guarantee it will lead to new flight paths, but this public engagement is the first step.

“The data collected will enable the City to improve services and put forward a business case to suitable flight providers for potential additional routes to and from Bendigo Airport.

“New routes would only be possible for airline carriers with a fleet size suitable for Bendigo Airport so there are many considerations required to make a business case to potential airlines.” 

The new survey will also provide insights on:

  • who is travelling
  • the purpose for travel
  • the destinations 
  • future travel plans
  • ways to improve flights for the local community
Greater Bendigo