Budget 2023/2024 provides important services for the whole community

Media release

Greater Bendigo City Council’s adopted 2023/2024 Budget will invest $168M in important services for the community. 
Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf said Council provided 69 valued services the community relied on.  
“Some of our services are highly visible, like our waste collection service, street cleaning, and the work involved in creating and maintaining our parks and gardens,” Cr Metcalf said. 
“Others are less known but are just as important, such as maternal and child health services, funding for libraries, and important services like statutory planning and environmental health. 
“We maintain $2.5B in assets including community buildings, roads and footpaths, and we support and facilitate community art and cultural programs that help to draw visitors to the region and invigorate the local economy.” 
Here’s a snapshot of investment in some services for the next financial year:

  • $29.1M on transport and infrastructure (including footpaths and road maintenance)
  • $23.7M on waste services (including collection and disposal or reuse of household and commercial waste, recyclables and organics)
  • $12.2M on parks, gardens and open space
  • $9.9M on City buildings and property
  • $8.9M on arts, culture and libraries
  • $5.4M on community programs and partnerships (including maternal and child health and early years' services)
  • $4.7M on tourism and economic development (including tourism events, Bendigo Venues & Events and Bendigo Airport)
  • $3.8M on town and strategic planning

Where do rates go? For every $100, the City spends:

  • $18.08 on building and other capital works
  • $17.38 on transport and infrastructure
  • $15.96 on City operations and governance
  • $14.12 on waste services, recycling and environment
  • $7.30 on parks, gardens and open space
  • $5.90 on City buildings and property
  • $5.34 on art, culture and libraries
  • $4.92 on tourism and economic development
  • $3.22 on community programs and partnerships
  • $3.19 on community sport, recreation facilities and pools
  • $2.30 on customer experience and communications
  • $2.30 on town planning

To view the adopted Budget and for more information, head to: https://www.bendigo.vic.gov.au/About/Budget

Greater Bendigo