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City launches grant to assist local farmers and lifestyle property owners

Media release

The City of Greater Bendigo is launching its Rural Regeneration Grants aimed at assisting local farmers and lifestyle property owners to implement best practice sustainable land management that benefits the farm, community and the environment.

City of Greater Bendigo Climate Change and Environment Manager, Michelle Wyatt said the aim of the Regeneration Grants is to support and promote the adoption of sustainable and regenerative land management practices, prepare properties to be climate ready and resilient, increase biodiversity and improve water quality and soil health on farms and lifestyle properties.

“Farmers and landholders living in a Greater Bendigo farming zone or rural conservation zone can apply for up to $2,000 per year for projects that manage environmental problems or improve the health and productivity of the landscape,” Ms Wyatt said.

“Applications open on October 16 and close on December 15. A limited amount of funding is available and the grants will be awarded through a merit-based, competitive process. A co-contribution of at least 50 per cent is required from landholders.” 

Proposed projects must be situated within the City of Greater Bendigo municipality. Types of projects that could be funded through the program include:

  • installation of fencing (permanent and moveable) to address land degradation, improve water quality, livestock health and biodiversity. 
  • installation of reticulated water systems
  • emission reduction projects such as solar pumps that replace existing petrol or diesel pumps
  • revegetation of paddocks, dams and other areas using indigenous or beneficial pollinator plants to provide wildlife corridors or riparian zones. 
  • release of beneficial organisms such as dung beetles, predatory organisms or other biological controls
  • control of declared noxious weeds or high threat environmental weeds and declared pests such as rabbits and foxes
  • monitoring and evaluation of soil and water

The Agribusiness officer is also available to make on-farm visits to assist community members with designing a project and to learn how regenerative agriculture and holistic grazing management can be applied to their property.

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