Cotton Palms to replace Kauri Pines in Hargreaves Mall

Media release

Work to replace 26 Kauri Pine trees along the Killians Walk-side of Hargreaves Mall with Cotton Palms will commence later this month.

City of Greater Bendigo Parks and Open Space Manager Chris Mitchell said the Kauri Pine trees, which were planted in 2010, are being replaced because they are effectively rootbound and causing damage to the pavement.

“Eleven Cotton Palms have been chosen to replace the Kauri Pines due to their large, attractive, fan-shaped leaves that will bring instant greenery to the Mall,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Palms are quite common in Greater Bendigo and do very well in our climate. However, some bracing of the trees may be required to ensure they safely settle into their new home in the mall.

“The Chinese Elm trees located on the Myer side of the mall are doing really well and won’t be affected by this work.

“The work is expected to commence at the Mitchell Street end of the mall and progress towards Williamson Street.  The project will include the removal of the existing trees, preparation of tree pits and the installation of the new trees by crane.

“The mall will remain operational and open while the works are taking place and the City will work to keep disruption to a minimum for retailers and shoppers.

“The tree replacement work will commence on Tuesday August 22 and is expected to take about two weeks to complete.”

Greater Bendigo