Council adopts Biodiversity Strategy

Media release

Greater Bendigo City Council has adopted a Greater Bendigo Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2023-2033 to guide the management and protection of our local unique landscapes and species for the next 10 years.

Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf said the strategy sets a shared vision for biodiversity conservation across the region through advocacy, engagement and supporting actions by the City, land managers and the community to protect, enhance and connect the natural values of the environment.

“The development of a Biodiversity Strategy was a key action of the City’s Climate Change and Environment Strategy 2021-2026 and the Greater Bendigo Council Plan Mir wimbul 2021-2025,” Cr Metcalf said.

“The development of this Strategy has provided a framework for collaboration on region-wide questions and has set a clear set of management actions.

“Greater Bendigo is home to 105 threatened plants and 87 threatened animal species. We are faced with a tremendous challenge over the next decade to protect, enhance and connect our natural landscapes, stop species extinctions and engage and inform the community to ensure a safe and resilient future for all.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the over 1,200 individuals who provided their feedback on the Strategy by participating in a range of forums, workshops and individual meetings, and through written submissions and feedback on the City’s Let’s Talk Greater Bendigo website.”

Some of the Strategy’s 61 actions include:

  • Establishment of a permanent Biodiversity Engagement Officer position to meet growing community needs.
  • Establish an Environmental Planner function to ensure native vegetation is protected as much as possible as part of development 
  • Development and implementation of a detailed ‘Habitat Connectivity Plan’ to create bio-links across Greater Bendigo. 
  • Protection of mature native trees through the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme or a Local Law which may include use of a Significant Tree Register.  
  • Establishment of a biodiversity monitoring program that is representative, robust and strategic. 
  • Continuation and expanding of the Healthy Landscapes regenerative agriculture program. 
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