Council to trial changes to Council meetings

Media release

To ensure Council meetings remain open and accessible to the community, the City of Greater Bendigo will trial some changes to how it runs its monthly meetings.

For all remaining Council meetings in 2023:

  • Anyone wanting to attend a monthly Council meeting in the Bendigo Town Hall and sit in the public gallery must show photo identification on entry
  • Anyone wanting to have a question answered as part of question time must lodge it by 4pm on the Friday before the scheduled monthly Council meeting, held on the fourth Monday of the month. There will be no opportunity for members of the gallery to ask questions on the night

The trial changes are in keeping with what some other Councils are doing to improve meeting conduct. Yarra City Council requires residents to pre-register if they want to attend a meeting in person and ask a question, and they must submit their question prior to the meeting. While the City of Monash also requires questions to be submitted prior to the meeting.

Director Corporate Performance Jessica Howard said the trial changes were designed to keep Council meetings open, accessible and safe for the community to attend.

“We have seen some metropolitan councils experience significant disruption and have to temporarily close meetings. While we have been fortunate not to experience the same problems locally, we want to ensure our Council meetings remain that way,” Ms Howard said.

“It is important that everyone feels safe attending Council meetings and that we can create an environment that allows us to maintain good, transparent governance and is inclusive of all people in our community.

“By asking for pre-registered questions, this allows residents to still have their questions answered on the night and provides more opportunity to give a detailed response.

“It’s also important to note that asking questions at a Council meeting is just one way our community can seek information from Council. They can still phone us on 1300 002 642, email [email protected] or lodge a request via our website.

“Following the December Council meeting, Council will review whether there will be any permanent change to meeting processes.”

The next Council meeting will be held on Monday July 24. Meetings will continue to be livestreamed via the City’s website and broadcast on Phoenix FM 106.7.

Pre-registered questions must be submitted by 4pm this Friday, July 21, via the City’s website.


Greater Bendigo