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Expanded outdoor dining to end on Thursday October 12

Media release

In line with Victorian Government legislation, expanded outdoor dining measures will come to an end next week on Thursday October 12.

The temporary measures were first introduced in October 2020 to help hospitality businesses accommodate more patrons during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Victorian Government announced late last year that expanded outdoor dining would cease this month. 

This means Bull Street in central Bendigo, between Pall Mall and Hargreaves Street, will be open to traffic on both sides and car parking will be returned for use. Approximately 14 businesses still making use of expanded outdoor dining will have to return to pre-pandemic trading conditions. 

Manager Economic Development Ben Devanny thanked businesses for taking up the opportunity. 

“The City was pleased to provide this support to hospitality businesses at a critical time, and many embraced the chance to open sooner, trade safely and keep staff employed,” Mr Devanny said. 

“The expanded outdoor dining measures will soon end and we thank businesses for their cooperation at this time. Development of a new Outdoor Dining and Street Trading Code of Practice will consider how the City can best support expanded outdoor dining long term, but this would be subject to future decision making.”

The City will work with businesses over the coming days to remove temporary infrastructure. 

It may mean some expanded dining for some businesses ends sooner than October 12, depending on what suits businesses best when it comes to packing down infrastructure. 

Bull Street will re-open to traffic in the afternoon of Friday October 13, 2023. 

Greater Bendigo