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Funding win for community battery project in Greater Bendigo

Media release

Greater Bendigo has been included in an exciting new project to develop an investment-ready business case for a community battery in Greater Bendigo.  

The ‘Regional Greenhouse Alliance Neighbourhood Battery Investigation Project’ was one of nine projects to be awarded funding through the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Battery Initiative - Round 3 announced by Minister D’Ambrosio on Monday 28th August. 

The project, led by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, Goulburn Murray Climate Alliance, and Gippsland Alliance for Climate Action, in partnership with Indigo Power, will develop the business case for a single community battery site in Greater Bendigo and in 17 other local government areas across regional Victoria. 

Annika Kearton, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance said the Greenhouse Alliances are delighted to be working with 18 councils across regional Victoria on this exciting project.

“The project will plan community batteries at sites servicing a high value community need, such as emergency shelters, places of last resort, and other critical community facilities, with a focus on exploring how to maximise benefits at different community sites”, Ms Kearton said.    

City of Greater Bendigo Environment and Climate Change Manager Michelle Wyatt said the City is a member of Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance and will be a key partner in the project.  

"The project aligns with the Greater Bendigo Climate Change and Environment Strategy 2021-2026 target to achieve zero carbon emissions across the Greater Bendigo community by 2030. 

 “The City is grateful to the Victorian Government for supporting this innovative regional project which will run from September 2023 to August 2024.” 

Greater Bendigo