Good Governance Framework adopted

Media release

Council has adopted a Good Governance Framework which provides a vision and key principles of good governance.

The primary role of the Council, elected Councillors including the Mayor, is to focus on policy development and strategic delivery of services in the public interest, while the day-to-day work of Local Government is carried out by employees under the direction of the CEO.

Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf said a framework was important to the local community, Councillors and City of Greater Bendigo staff.

“A Good Governance Framework provides the community with confidence that the decision-making processes from Council, Councillors, and the organisation serves the public interest, meets legislative requirements, builds respect and trust, and is fair and reasonable,” Cr Metcalf said.

“A set of principles within this framework outline how Councillors and staff will act. Appropriate behaviour at all times is essential and is also an important contributor to establishing a desired culture within the organisation for Councillors and staff.

“Leadership and culture is critical to good governance. By proactively and consistently applying our principles and upholding the vision, positive leadership and culture will be created and maintained which will promote and sustain good governance for the municipality.”

Framework outline

The Framework includes:

  • What good governance is and why it is important
  • How it is to be applied at the City
  • The Good Governance Vision
  • The importance of leadership, culture, and respect in good governance
  • What the Local Government Act 2020 requires and what the City is doing
  • The City’s principles of good governance

Framework principles

We have an obligation to report, explain and be answerable for the consequences of decisions to those we represent.

The community should be able to clearly see how and why a decision was made.

Compliant with rule of law 
Our decisions are consistent with relevant legislation or administrative law (particularly the presumption for natural justice) and are within the powers of the decision-maker.

We will interact with community members in an informed, timely, appropriate and responsive manner.

Equitable and inclusive
We serve the needs of the entire community - all groups, particularly the most under-represented or marginalised, should feel their interests have been considered.

Effective and efficient
We will implement decisions and follow processes that make the best use of the available people, resources and time to ensure the best possible results for our community.

Anyone affected by or interested in a decision should have opportunities to have their voice heard whilst understanding that competing interests are inevitable, valid and must be balanced.

Framework importance

For the local community

The local community:

  • It provides assurance on Council, Councillors and the organisation decision making process
  • It serves the public interest of the entire municipal community and meets legislative requirements
  • Supports mutual respect and trust between all participants
  • Is ethical, defensible and able to withstand public scrutiny 
  • Even if community members are opposed to individual decisions, they should be able to recognise that the decision has been a result of a good governance process
For Councillors

For Councillors:

  • It provides a summary of their legislative obligations and how you might achieve this ethically and in line with stakeholders’ expectations
For employees

For employees:

  • It provides an overview of how your frank and fearless advice and/or your own delegated decisions fit into the overarching Council decision-making process
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