Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme Review adopted

Media release

The Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme Review 2022 has been adopted at the Council meeting to further enhance the scheme’s effectiveness.

The City commenced the 2022 Planning Scheme Review as part of requirements outlined in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf said the previous Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme Review in 2019 was extensive and included significant community engagement which resulted in three Planning Scheme Amendments (C256gben, C261gben and C247gben), with some changes still being implemented.

“Given the extensive scope of the previous review, the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme Review 2022 was targeted in its scope to focus only on adopted strategies and policies from the last three years, and to consider recent planning matters identified internally or through VCAT and Panel hearings,” Cr Metcalf said.

“The Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme’s focus is on controlling land use and development therefore it is important that it is reviewed regularly to assess its effectiveness in achieving relevant planning objectives and strategies.

“The Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme Review 2022 concluded that although the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme was operating well overall, there were opportunities to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.”

Council has adopted the review’s recommendations which includes the following:

  • Implement relevant recommendations of Council strategies, plans and policies adopted since October 2018
  • Review and amend some sections of the Municipal Planning Strategy
  • Amend or add Planning Policy Framework policies relating to settlement, environment and landscape values, environment risks and amenity, built environment and heritage, economic development and transport
  • Review schedules to the Low Density Residential Zone and Residential Growth Zone, review the application of the Mixed Use Zone and review the Rural Living Zone in relation to the Lockwood Road area
  • Review the application of some overlays and reduce the numbers applied, consider land management overlays and consider potential use of the new Buffer Area Overlay
  • Make improvements to the administration of the Planning Scheme

Following Council adoption, the City will report the findings of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme Review 2022 to the Minister for Planning.

Recommendations from the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme 2022 will be implemented through future planning scheme amendments.

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