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Have your say – ways to increase sport and active recreation opportunities

Media release

The City of Greater Bendigo wants to ensure sport and active recreation opportunities are available to everyone, so is seeking the community’s feedback via a survey focused on identifying ways everyone can fully participate. 

Fair, inclusive and safe sport and recreation opportunities will look different for different people, so the survey explores the needs and barriers to participation for people of all genders, as well as other factors that may affect participation, such as age, cultural background and ability. 

Feedback will inform a new Council policy and action plan focused on fair access to help increase residents’ future participation in sport and active recreation.

Manager Active and Healthy Communities Amy Johnston said the City wanted to ensure it provided or supported opportunities that helped everyone to reach their full potential when looking after their health and wellbeing. 

"It can be difficult for people to participate in sport and recreation opportunities, so we are keen to hear about everyone’s experiences, including players, volunteers and officials, as well as those who aren’t currently involved and learn about what’s stopping them," Ms Johnston said. 

"Everyone’s experience will be unique to them and the eventual policy and action plan will support future Council decision making, and also help sporting clubs ensure they are able to reduce barriers and create new opportunities for increasing participation. 

"We know physical activity is critical to our health and wellbeing, whether it’s in an organised club environment and competing in competitions, or more informally by making the most of walking on the City’s tracks and trails, swimming laps or going for a bike ride. 

"We look forward to receiving the community’s feedback via the survey, which is open until Sunday March 3, 2024."

It is an objective for all councils to produce Fair Access policies and action plans to complement the Victorian Government's Fair Access Policy Roadmap.

Greater Bendigo