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Living installation at Bendigo Visitor Centre celebrates Bloom

Media release

A local artist has created a stunning ‘living’ installation in the front atrium windows at Bendigo Visitor Centre to celebrate the Bloom spring campaign.

Symbiotic Pulse is a multimedia installation with its own circadian rhythms that can be seen at all times of the day and night. 

Created by local artist Paul Fletcher, it features kinetic sculpture and silhouettes during the day and animated light and projection by night. 

There is also an embedded augmented reality experience that can be enjoyed by all. 

Visitor Services Manager Felicity Martin said the evocative installation was created to engage and celebrate Bendigo's Bloom spring campaign in a unique way.

“Paul Fletcher is a soundscape artist, musician, animator, filmmaker, and fabric and jewellery maker who has combined his many talents to create this installation that mesmerises you with its kinetic movement,” Ms Martin said.

“Depending on the time of day, people will see many different layers and details to this work which adds to its intrigue and appeal.

“Symbiotic Pulse is inspired by nature and the connection between all living things and people will be drawn in by the movement and rhythms of this piece which feels like it is a living being.

“The artist describes the work as ‘visual rhythms and patterns formed within and between all living things, to store memories, communicate meanings and embody their own forms of intelligence’.”

The installation will remain until Sunday November 12 in the enclosed space behind one of the façade windows at the visitor centre to be eye-catching for those visiting the centre or walking past on Pall Mall.

The installation will be included in a Bloom guide map for tourists and residents who enjoy seeing Bendigo’s tulips and themed activations.

The Living Arts Space and the First Nations gallery Djaa Djuwima are also in the Bendigo Visitor Centre. Both feature exhibitions from local and regional artists and creatives.

Bendigo Visitor Centre is located at 51-67 Pall Mall, Bendigo and is open 9am to 5pm every day (apart from Christmas Day). 

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