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Marong Planning Scheme Amendment submissions to be referred to panel

Media release

Council has agreed submissions received in response to the proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C263gben should be considered by an independent planning panel.

The request will be lodged with the Minister of Planning who is responsible for appointing an independent planning panel.

The panel will also consider recommendations made by City of Greater Bendigo officers in response to the submissions.

Planning Amendment C263gben has been prepared to implement the Marong Township Structure Plan 2020 and the Marong Flood Study 2018.

The land affected is within and adjacent to the township of Marong and the proposed Amendment C263gben includes:

  • Making several rezoning changes to land within and adjoining the existing township, including from the Township Zone to more specific residential and commercial zones 
  • Applying the Heritage Overlay, Design and Development Overlay, Development Plan Overlay and Flood Overlays to land within the township and the surrounding area
  • Inserting a local area policy for Marong with strategies to achieve the outcomes sought by the Marong Township Structure Plan and to identify four future residential growth precincts to the east, west and south of the township 
  • Amending existing local policy relating to activity centre classification and commercial floor areas, floodplain management and the walking and cycling network 
  • Amending operational provisions to introduce incorporated and background documents, new map pages and revise further strategic work clauses to reflect the work undertaken as part of this amendment 

The proposed Amendment has been recently exhibited for six weeks. A total of 32 submissions have been received from developers, landholders, and authorities. Five were late submissions which have been accepted for consideration.

The issues raised in the submissions relate to specific issues that can be categorised as follows:

  • New growth precincts
  • Infrastructure
  • Bushfire setbacks 
  • Heritage Overlay 
  • Terminology and name changes

Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf said the next steps for the proposed Amendment C263gben were agreed at the Council meeting last night.

“As there are unresolved submissions, Councillors have agreed submissions, including late submissions, should be considered by an independent planning panel, together with recommendations put forward from City officers,” Cr Metcalf said.

Amendment C263gben is the first in a series of proposed planning scheme amendments to support the future growth of Marong. Other projects currently underway include: 

  • The preparation of a Development Contributions Framework for Marong 
  • Planning for the Bendigo Regional Employment Precinct by the Victorian Planning Authority
  • Planning for the Marong Western Freight Corridor by the Department of Transport and Planning – Transport 
  • The rezoning of the residential growth precincts in accordance with the City’s Private Planning Scheme Amendment Policy 

Marong is expected to grow over the next 25 years with an estimated population of 8,000 people. Any future rezoning amendments from landowners or developers would still be subject to a separate public notification and consultation process as they occur.