Media enquiries

Contact us if you need information about any of these matters, to source images for use in your publication or to talk to a City of Greater Bendigo representative.

Media contacts

We support our business units and specialise in responding to media queries about the services they provide.

Communications Manager

Aleisha Verwoert North

Phone: 03 5434 6213
Mobile: 0407 797 479

Media contact point for:

  • CEO (operational matters for the City)
  • Mayor (policy matters for Council)


Communications and Media Specialist

Paula Hubert

Phone: 03 5434 6068
Mobile: 0419 915 342

Media contact point for:

Strategy and Growth Directorate

  • Economic development
  • Strategic planning
  • Statutory planning
  • Tourism and visitor services
  • Arts and cultural activities
  • Bendigo Airport and Bendigo Livestock Exchange

    Corporate Performance Directorate

    • Finance and Budget
    • Rates and valuations
    • Customer Support 


    Communications and Media Specialist

    Ros Manning

    Phone: 03 5434 6114
    Mobile: 0408 654 773

    Media contact point for:

    Presentation and Assets Directorate

    • Roads, footpaths and drainage
    • Urban and landscape design
    • Parks and gardens
    • Waste management
    • Community building and facilities maintenance

    Health and Wellbeing Directorate

    • Children and families
    • Community engagement and development, including rural development
    • Youth development
    • Cultural development, including community events and celebrations
    • Recreation planning and development
    • Increasing and improving the access and availability of active and passive open space
    • Environmental health, parking and animal services