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New public artworks encourage sustainable purchases

Media release

The City of Greater Bendigo has installed three large pop art artworks in Pennyweight Walk to encourage people to make more informed and sustainable purchases and think about where their purchases will end up long term.

The artworks were commissioned by the City of Greater Bendigo’s Resource Recovery and Education unit and created by local street artist Chris Duffy. 

City of Greater Bendigo Resource Recovery and Education manager Brooke Pearce said the artworks feature retro cartoon images to promote the shift from a take, make, waste society to a take, make, reuse society where we recover and eventually re-use all of the material resources from products that are no longer needed.

“Using pop art is a great way to promote low wastage messaging through public artworks,” Ms Pearce said.

“The City is committed to creating a circular economy and the art, which is themed around rethink, reduce and reuse provides an important narrative in a fun and interesting way.

“Bendigo has a range of public artworks and these latest works are not only interesting but also have a strong social message attached to them.”

The three artworks have been installed in Pennyweight Walk which is located between Hargreaves Street and Bath Lane.

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