Planning scheme amendment to protect miners’ houses adopted at Council

Media release

Council has adopted the Planning Scheme Amendment C275gben to the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme to protect different types of miners’ houses built during Bendigo’s gold rush era. 

The amendment implements the findings from the Victorian Miners’ Housing Serial Listings – Stage 2 Study (Trethowan Architecture, November 2021).

Following the draft amendment’s public exhibition and a review of submissions from Trethowan Architecture, Council requested an independent Panel where all submissions were considered. 

The Panel hearing was held on August 24, 2023, and the subsequent Panel report recommended deleting the proposed Heritage Overlay from seven properties and confirming that all houses listed were ‘generally miners’ or mine speculator cottages’.

Council accepted the Panel’s recommendations and resolved to remove two more properties. The removal of these properties was based on advice from the City’s Heritage Advisor after planning permit applications were lodged for consideration.

Nine properties in total have been recommended to be removed from the final Amendment C275gben:

  • 83 Allingham Street, Golden Square (HO1000)
  • 55 Arnold Street, Bendigo (HO1000)
  • 266 Queen Street, Bendigo (HO1000)
  • 5 Adelaide Gully Road, Golden Gully (HO1000)
  • 3 Pascoe Street, Long Gully (HO1000)
  • 19 Grant Street. Long Gully (HO1000)
  • 26 Oak Street, Golden Square (HO1001)
  • 19 Joseph Street, Bendigo (HO1000)
  • 180 King Street, Bendigo (HO1000)

As a result of the recommendations and amendments, there are now 147 properties across Greater Bendigo where a Heritage Overlay is recommended to be applied through the Amendment C275gben.

Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf said the aim of the amendment was to protect and enhance the cultural heritage of Greater Bendigo for future generations.

“Heritage shapes our identity and connects us to our past, our city, and region and this amendment will continue to protect our rich heritage through the Heritage Overlay in the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme which lists those places that are locally significant,” Cr Metcalf said.

Following Council adoption last night, City officers will send Amendment C275gben to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Greater Bendigo