Gender equity

What does gender equality look like?

Gender equality is when people of all genders are treated with respect, able to participate in all aspects of community life and can access the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their aspirations, and live without  fear for their safety and well-being. 

How do we achieve gender equality?

Gender equity is the tool we use to achieve gender equality. It is a process of being fair to everyone, whether they are a woman, man or gender diverse. It recognises that the playing field is not always even and identifies strategies to ensure everybody can fully participate in community life the way they want to. 

How does gender equality lead to safer communities?

When people of different genders are valued and viewed differently, and don’t have the same access to power, resources and opportunities - also known as gender inequality - disrespect, discrimination and violence are more likely to occur. Achieving gender equality will mean we create a community which is safer and free from family violence, violence against women and all forms of gender-based violence.

What are we doing to achieve gender equality in Greater Bendigo?

We create change in the workplace

We believe gender equality benefits and requires a commitment from all of us. We recognise that change starts with us, in our workplace. To do this, we are implementing our Gender Equity Action Plan and The Local Government Guide for Preventing Family Violence and All Forms of Violence Against Women. 

Preventing Family Violence and All Forms of Violence Against Women

We create change as a service provider

The City conducts Equity Impact Assessments (EIAs) on any policy, program or service that directly and significantly impacts you as a community member. EIAs consider how policies, programs and services affect different genders and diverse groups in different ways and recommend changes that will help reduce and remove barriers to equality in the community. 

What is an Equity Impact Assessment?
What does gender equity mean to you?