Greater Bendigo Council Plan

  • Recognising that planning must be holistic and driven by the community
  • Providing a comprehensive view of available resources and commitments
  • Enabling alignment of objectives and capabilities
  • Supporting an understanding of medium to long-term implications of decisions on resource allocation and Council performance

Community Vision 2021-2031

Greater Bendigo celebrates our diverse community. We are welcoming, sustainable and prosperous. Walking hand-in-hand with the traditional custodians of this land. Building on our rich heritage for a bright and happy future.


The community vision is underpinned by five values:


Honesty and accountability, integrity and clarity of language, to ensure that understandable, clear and concise language is used.


A focus on our environment, being both built and natural, and our health, our economy and our heritage.


Capturing our cultural and community diversity.


To help with ongoing growth, including creativity, adaption, continuous improvement and efficiency, so as the city and community continues to evolve and prosper.


Provide support and give opportunity to others to be part of this community.