Organisation structure

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO's responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and maintaining an appropriate organisational structure for the Council
  • Ensuring that council decisions are implemented promptly
  • Overseeing the daily management of council operations following the Council Plan
  • Developing a code of conduct for council staff
  • Providing timely advice to the council

The Council delegates the powers, duties, and functions of the council to the CEO. The CEO is the only direct employee of the Council. All other employees report through their respective managers to the CEO.

About the Chief Executive Officer

Craig Niemann, CEO
Craig Niemann, Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Performance Directorate

The Corporate Performance Directorate’s mission is to lead and support the organisation to achieve great results on behalf of the community. The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Managing financial assets and resources, and managing the annual budget and financial reporting processes
  • Ensuring rates are raised and collected using accurate valuations
  • Developing and supporting our most valuable asset – our staff
  • Ensuring the highest standards of governance and probity in all elements of Council’s operations
  • Business analysis, improvement and innovation, and customer support
  • Providing reliable digital and information technology to ensure the organisation operates efficiently and meets the needs of our customers

About the Director Corporate Performance

Jessica Howard, Director Corporate Performance
Jessica Howard, Director Corporate Performance

Healthy Communities and Environments

The Healthy Communities and Environments Directorate works in partnership with the community to ensure it is:

  • Healthy and well
  • Safe and secure
  • Able to participate
  • Connected to culture and community
  • Liveable and environmentally sustainable

We do this by providing leadership, planning, policy development, service delivery, capacity building and supporting the delivery of community infrastructure using approaches that are evidence informed, apply an equity lens and are continuously evaluated.

About the Director Healthy Communities and Environments

Stacy Williams, Director Healthy Communities and Environments
Stacy Williams, Director Healthy Communities and Environments

Strategy and Growth Directorate

The Strategy and Growth Directorate contributes to the long term economic, cultural and social prosperity of our city and region by identifying and supporting investment opportunities, tourism and events, arts and culture activities, employment generation and integrated planning for sustainable growth and environmental best practice.

The Strategy and Growth Directorate incorporates the following units:

  • Bendigo Art Gallery
  • Bendigo Venues and Events
  • Economic Development
  • Statutory Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tourism and Major Events

Presentation and Assets Directorate

The Presentation and Assets Directorate focuses on delivering a clean and well presented, functioning municipality. It includes all aspects of the city’s built and natural environment, infrastructure and waste management. The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Asset planning and engineering, urban and landscape design
  • Constructing and maintaining roads, footpaths and drainage systems
  • Development, protection and maintenance of parks and the natural environment areas under the City’s jurisdiction
  • Management of waste and recycling collection, landfill sites, transfer stations and street cleaning
  • Planning, designing and delivering infrastructure, including Council owned buildings
  • Management of significant infrastructure projects
  • Management of City facilities, maintenance and property transactions including purchases/sales and leases/licences

About the Director Presentation and Assets

Brian Westley, Director Presentation and Assets
Brian Westley, Director Presentation and Assets