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Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2023-2033



Greater Bendigo has a wealth of natural environments that provide important habitat for flora and fauna and critical ecological functions such as fresh air, clean water and climate regulation.

However, habitat destruction, pest plants and animals, land development, water pollution and climate change all threaten our natural environment. Greater Bendigo is currently home to 92 threatened plants and 67 threatened animal species. We are faced with a tremendous challenge over the next decade to protect, enhance and connect our natural landscapes, stop species extinctions and processes that threaten species survival and engage and inform the community to ensure a safe and resilient future for all.

This Strategy and 10-year Action Plan address the highest priority short-term actions to achieve a shared vision over the next decade and build strong foundations for biodiversity protection and enhancement into the future. We are on a long-term journey. It will take decades to redress biodiversity loss, but this is a big milestone in the City’s leadership and commitment towards a renewed natural environment.

Adopted Date