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Greater CREATIVE Bendigo


Bendigo has a strong reputation as an arts and culture destination and the Greater CREATIVE Bendigo strategy outlines ways the City can support our cultural and creative industries and ensure everyone in the community can benefit from better networks, collaboration, mentorship and funding opportunities. As creativity increasingly becomes an economic driver in a changing economy, we want to better celebrate our creative strengths and bring vibrancy and innovation to our city and region.

The strategy has a strong focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and creativity, and puts First Nations first throughout. The City is committed to fostering and supporting First Peoples’ culture, cultural expression and creative practice in our city and region.

We see this cultural and creative practice as fundamental to understanding our shared history and creating a healthy, happy and vibrant region. Also key to the strategy is an understanding that creativity is not contained by municipal boundaries and, as much as possible, we should take a regional approach to fostering and developing our cultural and creative industries.

Greater CREATIVE Bendigo is based on five guiding themes:

  • Inspire a culture of creativity
  • Create more activated spaces
  • Nurture and support talent
  • Champion inclusion and access
  • Show the world
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