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Rosalind Park Master Plan

Master plan

The Rosalind Park Precinct is located on the immediate northern fringe of Bendigo’s City Centre with a high-profile address to the City’s main thoroughfare - Pall Mall. The Park is integral to the identity, character and experience of Bendigo.  

The Park Precinct combines a wide variety of spaces and functions, including historic parkland, sporting facilities and clubs, institutions including Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Camp Hill Primary School, and the new Ulumbarra Theatre.

The recommendations of the Master Plan are based on over-arching principles, ensuring that individual recommendations made in discrete parts of this large Precinct are all pulling in the same direction. These guiding principles relate to three themes:  

  • the use of space - including a desire to maximise parkland space and make use of under utilised or appropriated areas.  
  • access and circulation - including a focus upon creating well-connected, desirable and high quality pedestrian routes into and through the Precinct.  
  • identity and presentation - including the creation of a consistently high-amenity Precinct that realises its potential to be one of the great parks of the world.  
Rosalind Park precinct area concept
Rosalind Park precinct area concept
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