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Strathfieldsaye Community Hub

The City has worked closely with user groups to plan a flexible facility, with spaces that can be shared and utilised by a broad range of users and the community.

Project updates

Stage 2 underway!

The remainder of the Strathfieldsaye Community Hub redevelopment is well underway. Works are expected to be complete in March 2024 and include redevelopment of the remainder of the Strathfieldsaye Community Hub building, including club facilities to support the relocation of the Bowls Club and Scouts from their existing locations. 

Stage 3 planning underway

Stage 3 is the final stage to complete a multimillion-dollar redevelopment of the Strathfieldsaye Recreation Reserve, Club Court.

The City recently sought community feedback on a draft Precinct Plan which aims to improve the broader precinct through landscaping, pedestrian accessibility and amenity, additional external sporting infrastructure, and car parking improvements, so it can be accessed by everyone in the community for a range of uses.

Following the community engagement period, a final Precinct Plan will be released and as the project is currently unfunded, the City will submit a prioritised implementation plan for funding as part of Council's 2024/2025 budget deliberations, for staged delivery across multiple years.

Proposed works include:

  • Renewal of existing lawn bowls and cricket club building to create spectator areas, storage, kiosk and communal/breakout spaces
  • An accessible public toilet
  • Any additional storage requirements for user groups that has not been included in the redevelopment of the Community Hub building
  • A network of pedestrian paths for access to and throughout the reserve
  • Areas for community gathering including seating, shading and path connections
  • General landscaping and tree planting
  • Consideration of path lighting as an option
  • Provision of unstructured recreation facilities and areas such as fitness station, multicourt, and circuit paths
  • Improvements to car parking to improve pedestrian safety
  • Protection of trees from compaction by cars, particularly on the east and southwest sides of the reserve

Please note the dirt BMX track is not included in the Precinct Plan and is considered outside the scope of works, as the City is undertaking a separate review of service and maintenance guidelines for these facilities.

New tenancy agreement notification

The City intends to enter into a nine-year lease, with one option for a further nine years, with the 1st Strathfieldsaye Scouts at the premises at Strathfieldsaye Community Hub - 42 Club Court, Strathfieldsaye VIC 3551. The length of the proposed lease is considered appropriate given the tenant is making a significant financial contribution to the redevelopment of the premises.

Stage 1 works - over $1M (completed)

Stage 1 works are now complete. The Stage 1 works focused on providing female friendly facilities to enable the user clubs to cater for the growing number of female sporting participants and female umpires in line with community expectations and standards. This work was funded by the City, a $100,000 grant from Sport and Recreation Victoria and contributions from Sedgwick Cricket Club and Colts United Football Club.

Zone 1:

  • Refurbishment of two existing male changerooms to unisex (female friendly) changerooms
  • Construction of two new unisex umpire changerooms
  • Extension of the building to accommodate a new, larger canteen/kitchen
  • New bar area
  • New accessible, male and female toilet amenities to serve spectators, other user groups and public access
  • Dedicated storage areas for sporting user groups
  • Repairs to roof and flooring
  • Installation of water saving measures and efficient lighting

Zone 2:

  • One male and one female toilet

Zone 4: 

  • Second set of unisex (female friendly) changerooms to service the top oval

Stage 2 (underway 2023)

Stage 2 will be undertaken over multiple financial years (until the end of 2023) and involves redevelopment of the remainder of the Strathfieldsaye Community Hub building, including club facilities to support the relocation of the Bowls Club and Scouts from their existing locations. The Stage 2 works are expected to commence in mid-2022 and will include:

Zone 1: Managed by Colts United Football Club and Sedgwick Cricket Club

  • Refurbishment of function space

Zone 2: Managed by Strathfieldsaye Bowls Club

  • Extension of the building to increase visual connection to the bowling green
  • Registration desk/administration office
  • One male and one female toilet (completed with Stage 1 works)
  • Refurbishment of the social area
  • Refurbishment of the bar
  • New kitchen/canteen

Zone 3: Managed by 1st Strathfieldsaye Scouts

  • Refurbishment of activity area and storage area
  • New kitchenette and office
  • 2 unisex toilets

Zone 4: Communal areas managed by the facility’s Committee of Management

  • 2 unisex changerooms and amenities (completed with Stage 1 works)
  • Refurbishment of function space with operable wall and storage area
  • Refurbishment of primary entrance
  • Realigning the hallway creating better connections between the function space and toilets
  • Meeting/multipurpose room
  • Community storage
  • Refurbishment of existing storage and trophy cabinet for Golden City Pipe Band

Stage 3 (not costed and subject to future budget approvals)

Further works including landscaping, connected pathways, external sporting infrastructure and improvements to car parking will be undertaken when Stage 2 is completed. The Stage 3 works are not costed and will be subject to future budget approvals.

This project builds on other developments at the site including the opening of the new early years hub in 2018. It is also in-line with the 2009 Strathfieldsaye Town Plan which identified the need to develop a community precinct and make efficient use of infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the City investing in sporting and community facilities in Strathfieldsaye?

Strathfieldsaye is a residential and semi-rural area located approximately eight kilometres to the south east of the Bendigo city centre.

Residential population has increased 85 per cent since 2006. This growth is predicted to continue to over 12,500 people by 2036. In 2020, the estimated population was 6,787. This growth has created greater demand for facilities and opportunities for the community.

Alongside population growth, is the growth of women and girl's participation in sport, and the recognition of the insufficient facilities to accommodate female participation in accordance with Victoria’s Female Friendly Sports Infrastructure Guidelines.

What is the history of the Strathfieldsaye Sports Club?

Originally known as the Strathfieldsaye Community Centre, then later as Strathfieldsaye Sports Centre, the building has run under several management structures. 

The facility was opened on September 9, 1990 by former Shire of Strathfieldsaye Mayor Cr I J Grenfell. The centre was constructed with funding by the Victorian Government, the former Strathfieldsaye Shire Council and members of the local community.  The architect for the building was Breaden and Gullan and the builder was John W Henderson Builders Pty Ltd.

On August 17, 2018 a new Strathfieldsaye Early Years Hub was officially opened at the site. This new facility delivers essential early years infrastructure and services to the Strathfieldsaye community, including learning spaces for three and four-year-old preschool programs, a new play space, a Maternal and Child Health service, playgroup, and a community meeting space.  

The Early Years Hub was constructed with $3M from the City of Greater Bendigo, $650,000 from the Victorian Government and a combined contribution of $60,000 from Shine Bright, Strathfieldsaye and Districts Community Enterprise and the Strathfieldsaye Kindergarten Parent Committee.

Who are the current user groups of the facility?

There are eleven user groups, including a Committee of Management with four users considered primary tenant groups. The primary tenant groups will have responsibility for managing their respective zones however all zones are available for hire in negotiation with the zone managers.

Primary tenant groups are:

  • Colts United FC
  • Sedgwick Cricket Club
  • 1st Strathfieldsaye Scouts
  • Strathfieldsaye Bowls Club
  • Facility’s Committee of Management

Secondary tenant groups include:

  • Emu Creek Cricket Club
  • Strathfieldsaye Tennis Club
  • Golden City Pipe Band
  • Bendigo Touch Football
  • Strathfieldsaye Dodgers Baseball Club
  • Strathfieldsaye Primary School
How is the project being funded?

Stage 1 has been funded by the City, with $100,000 from Sport and Recreation Victoria and contributions from Colts United Football Club and Sedgwick Cricket Club.

Stage 2 is being funded by the City along with $250,000 from 1st Strathfieldsaye Scouts. Other funding partners are yet to be confirmed.

Stage 3 is unfunded and not costed.

Who is doing the work?

The Stage 1 works have been undertaken by Searle Bros. Tenders are currently being finalised for the further staged work.

Further staged work will undergo the tender process as per our Procurement Policy.

When completed, will the facility be available for hire by members of the community?

Yes, the various zones of the facility will be available for hire. 

How would I go about hiring a space for my private function?

Hiring can be negotiated direct with the primary tenants who manage the zone/s you are interested in hiring or the Committee of Management.

What will happen to the buildings behind the Strathfieldsaye Historic Shire Hall vacated by the Scouts?

These buildings will be comprehensively assessed by the City to determine their condition and establish their capacity to be made fit for purpose for any potential future use.


If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

[email protected]

1300 002 642


Strathfieldsaye Community Hub, Club Court, Strathfieldsaye