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Tom Flood Sports Centre upgrade

Fully funded by the Victorian Government the project will include: 

  • Cycling track repairs, acrylic surface treatment, and line marking  
  • Upgrades to track fencing and entrance/exit gates
  • Sports field and track lighting upgrades including emergency event lighting.

The project will be delivered in three stages over 18 months with track surface repairs occurring first.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the City undertaking improvement projects at Tom Flood?

The Tom Flood Sports Centre site is a key component of the Rosalind Park Precinct Master Plan. The improvement to the public space and sporting infrastructure compliments these plans and provides a quality facility for local community use.

The renewed facility will allow all participants to cycle at a facility that is compliant, and which also increases safety for spectators and participants.

The improved velodrome asset will create opportunities for active participation in cycling and cater for hosting events like the Bendigo International Madison which attracts visitors to Bendigo creating economic value to the City. Schools and the wider community will also benefit from other recreational activities held at the site. 

When completed this project will provide a track surface that meets cycling technical standards, and a facility that supports training and competition for all user groups including cycling, athletics, junior AFL, soccer, rugby and gridiron.

What work is being undertaken as part of this project?

The project includes three key stages:

Phase 1: Repairs to the cycling track and installation of a new acrylic surface treatment and line marking.

Phase 2: Installation of new track fencing and entrance/exit gate upgrades.

Phase 3: LED lighting upgrades including emergency event lighting.

How is this project being funded?

This $900,000 project is fully funded by the Victorian Government.

How long will the project take to complete?

The project will be completed over two financial years.

Phase 1: Cycling track repairs, acrylic surface treatment, and line marking will be undertaken from mid-March to mid-April 2023.

Phase 2: Track fencing and entrance/exit gate upgrades will be complete by September 2023.

Phase 3: LED lighting upgrades including emergency event lighting will be complete by June 2024.

When can the public use the oval and cycling track?

There will be no club or public access to the oval and the cycling track during the track resurfacing phase. Weather-permitting, access is expected to return in mid-May 2023. 

Bookings for sport, events, festivals etc. will not be permitted until the grass has established, and the track surface renewal works have been completed. At this time, the site fencing will be removed.

Will the bus exchange, parking and public toilets be affected?

No, it will be business as usual for parking and the bus exchange and the public toilets will still be available for use.

Will Bendigo residents be inconvenienced by the works?

Members of the general public who pass through the reserve need to be aware of the works but should not be inconvenienced by the works. User groups and local schools will not have access to the oval or track during the track works period.

What sports and events take place at Tom Flood Sports Centre?

Tom Flood Sporting Centre hosts cycling, athletics, junior AFL, soccer, rugby and gridiron.

The centre also hosts school athletics carnivals as well as many community events including Beer and Wine Festivals and Live Music events etc.

User Groups include Bendigo Cycling Club, Bendigo Athletics Club and Bendigo Maddison Committee.

Who is responsible for maintaining the facilities at Tom Flood Sports Centre?

The City of Greater Bendigo is responsible for maintaining the facilities.

Clubs and user groups enter seasonal licensing, or lease agreements for access. The agreements also set out their obligations in maintaining the facility and allowing for broader public access and use.

Why was the Bendigo International Madison cancelled for 2023?

The oval resurfacing project was scheduled to be completed in November 2022, however experienced delays due to the floods and the unusually cool start to spring. The floods prevented access to the supply of sports field sand from the Echuca based quarry, and the cooler weather impacted the growth and supply of the turf.

With the oval unavailable to host the Athletics component of the festival, the International Madison Committee chose to cancel the 2023 event.

In 2024 the Bendigo International Madison will celebrate its 50th anniversary at the centre on March 8-10.


If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

[email protected] 

1300 002 642


Tom Flood Sports Centre, Bendigo