Acknowledgement of Country

An Acknowledgement of Country is a protocol delivered at the opening of meetings, conferences, special events and official functions. It is a way for other people to acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Owners of the land on which they are speaking.

Unlike a Welcome to Country, an Acknowledgement of Country can be given by any non-Aboriginal person or an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person who is not a Traditional Owner.

*If you are delivering an Acknowledgement of Country on Taungurung Country, please refer to Taungurung People.

This wording would be appropriate within the City of Greater Bendigo, and is the City’s official Acknowledgement of Country. This wording has been approved by the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporations as of May 2018.

For a map of the Registered Aboriginal Parties in Victoria, including the RAPs covering the area of Greater Bendigo, please refer to the Victorian Government's Welcome to Country and Acknowledgements Map.