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Airside Induction

The Bendigo Airport Airside Induction is a requirement for everyone working airside. It details the risks associated with working in this environment. 

The airside induction must be completed prior to anyone commencing airside works. 

The induction is in two parts: 

  • a contractor induction  
  • the airside induction 

If you need assistance, please contact staff on 0499 700 128 

Start airside induction

Airport worker in a luggage carrier waiting for a flight to land.
Airport Visitors

Visitor Identification Card - Pass pre-registration

To apply for a Visitor Identification Card pass please complete the Visitor Identification Card pass pre-registration form in advance.

Please note that pre-registering does not guarantee the issuing of a Visitor Identification Card.

If you are a frequent visitor to the airport, we recommend you apply for an Aviation Security Identification Card.