What is planning?

Planning involves regulating both existing and proposed land uses, developments and subdivisions through controls outlined in the Greater Bendigo planning scheme. It aims to achieve a balance between enabling development and growth to take place and protecting/enhancing the built and natural environment.

If applying for a permit, the City’s Planning unit looks at what you want to do against these planning controls and decides if it is the right use or development for the area.

Planning is a continually changing field influenced by policy changes in response to community needs, population growth, environmental risks (such as flood and fire) and environmental conservation.

Applications on public notice

To view plans and documents for applications on public notice in your area, go to:

Planning applications on public notice

Objecting to a planning application


Planning applications register

This is a register of all planning applications received and decided. It contains all planning permit applications lodged, including the location and what is proposed. You can check its status or the planning decision:

Planning applications register

Please note: This register is produced for town planning enquiries only and must not be used for any other purpose or used for direct marketing.