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Public notice of a planning application

Public notice and advertising

Public notice (advertising) is required when a planning application has the potential to cause material detriment to any person. This means the application will be advertised to all persons likely to be affected by the proposal, usually the adjoining owners and occupiers. 

The form of advertising required may include:

  • Notifying the owners/occupiers of adjoining properties by mail
  • Erecting a public notice on site
  • Placing advertisements in the local paper (e.g. Bendigo Advertiser, McIvor Times)

The City will send the applicant an advertising package which includes:

  • An A4 notice for signing and sending in the mail
  • An A3 notice for signing and placing on site (if required)
  • A statutory declaration 

The advertising period is 14 days and the public notice placed on site must be weatherproofed and maintained in good condition during that time. At the end of the advertising period, the completed statutory declaration must be forwarded to the City as evidence that you have given notice of the application. 

People who feel they may be affected by the proposal can object.

The City may also be required to give notice or to refer the application to other statutory authorities (such as CFA, Coliban Water etc.) for comment. These authorities can object to an application, or require the placement of conditions on any permit to be issued.