Pre-application advice for planning permits

Planning advice is specific to the land and the proposed use or development.  As a minimum, the planner needs to know the address of the property for your enquiry and a general outline of what you want to do.


Types of advice we offer

If your project fits into one of the categories below, call or email us for advice.

  • Extensions or alterations to existing buildings, unless in a Heritage Overlay
  • Minor amendments to planning permits
  • Liquor license
  • Signage
  • Minor buildings and works (<$100k)
  • Outbuildings associated with dwellings, e.g. sheds, garages, pergolas
  • 2-lot subdivisions
  • Small-scale vegetation removal
  • VicSmart applications
  • Title related applications (vary covenants/restrictions)
  • Single dwelling applications, unless in Rural Conservation Zone/Farming Zone/Heritage Overlay
  • Dwellings in a bushfire management overlay
  • Condition 1 plans
  • Miscellaneous consent or satisfaction matters

    Contact Planning

    A duty planner is available 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday to give general planning advice.

    The planner needs to know the address of the property for your query and a general outline of what you want to do.

    Submit a planning enquiry online or phone us to request a call-back.


    Pre-application meeting

    For larger or more complex developments, a planning pre-application meeting can help to identify any planning issues prior to lodging an application and understand the information you need to include in your planning application. It provides all parties with a better understanding of the Planning Scheme requirements, Council policies and Planning officers' views. Following discussions, the Planning officer will share the advice and next steps with you in writing.

    There are three types of pre-application meeting service offered by the Planning unit: Basic, Intermediate and Detailed.

    Recommended for Basic pre-applications
    • Rural subdivisions
    • Small subdivisions (3-15 lots)
    • New commercial/industrial development <$3M
    Recommended for Intermediate pre-applications
    • Single dwelling in a Rural Conservation Zone or Farming Zone
    • Multi-unit development
    • Mixed use development
    • Medium subdivisions (15-100 lots)
    • Land use applications (Section 2/discretionary use)
    • Childcare or medical centres
    • Medium-large projects ($3M-$15M)
    • All Heritage Overlay applications
    • Amendments to permits which were decided by Council or VCAT
    Recommended for Detailed pre-applications
    • Applications with high potential for environmental or amenity impact
    • Significant community interest
    • Place of Assembly applications
    • Applications on Public Land
    • Large projects (over $15M)

    Please note, after reviewing your request, the Planning unit may recommend a different type of pre-application service depending on the complexity of your proposal.

    Next steps

    When payment has been made a planner will contact you within 3-5 days of payment to offer a meeting date. If the meeting is to be held online, we will send you an invitation with a link. If relevant, officers such as a Heritage Advisor or a Traffic Engineer may be invited to the meeting. 

    The planner will compile and share the meeting notes with you within 3-5 days of the meeting. 

    A pre-application meeting does not guarantee that a planning permit application will be approved. 

    Please note, if your proposal looks straightforward the next step may just involve a planner contacting you by phone or email to discuss. If this occurs and you have paid a fee for a pre-application meeting or written advice, you will receive a refund.