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Subdividing your land

How to subdivide

A planning permit is generally required for all types of subdivision and is the first step in the process.

Step 1: Talk to us

Contact us to talk to a Planner about the information required to apply for a planning permit.

For complex subdivision proposals of 3 or more lots, we might suggest a pre-application meeting with a Planner to provide you with information on your proposal and help avoid delays in the application process.

Step 4: Certification of plan of subdivision

Once a planning permit has been issued, the plan of subdivision must be certified. Your land surveyor will submit the application on your behalf which is referred to the servicing authorities for consent. All relevant conditions on the planning permit must be satisfied before the plan is certified.

Step 5: Statement of Compliance

After certification, a Statement of Compliance is issued by the City once works are complete, the conditions of the planning permit are met and all of the servicing authorities have consented to the issue of a Statement of Compliance. An inspection may be undertaken by our Engineering Development team to ensure that works have been satisfactorily completed.