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Community safety

Bendigo Safe Community Forum

The Bendigo Safe Community Forum aims to promote and improve safety in our community.

The role of the forum is to advocate, advise, refer and act on matters identified as priority areas in the Greater Bendigo Community Safety Strategic Plan. 

The creation and maintenance of safe communities is a shared responsibility. Forum members include government, non-government and community organisations including the City of Greater Bendigo, community health services, Department of Human Services, Victoria Police, businesses, youth support and advocacy, family violence and community welfare groups. The forum currently meets on a quarterly basis and membership is by invitation only.

For more information, see the Community Safety Framework 2022-2030:

Closed Circuit TV network (CCTV)

The City, in partnership with Victoria Police, has more than 145 cameras operating under the City's CCTV Network.

The purpose of this system is to discourage and detect anti-social and criminal behaviour in public places and to protect public safety.

Signage has been installed on poles advising people that they are entering an area where CCTV cameras are in operation.

Graphic illustrating a CCTV camera
CCTV camera graphic

Bendigo Liquor Accord

The Bendigo Liquor Accord is a partnership between licensees, the City, Victoria Police, and the Victorian Commission on Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Participating licensees agree to develop acceptable practice with regard to the responsible management of alcohol. 

To become a signatory to the Accord, please complete the membership form. 

Heatwave help

Heatwaves kill more people than any other natural disaster but they do not have to be dangerous, uncomfortable or exhausting.

With some forward planning and smart thinking you can help to ensure you remain comfortable and healthy during the heat.