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Food relief and community meals

The Food Relief Network

The Food Relief Network is an informal network of local not-for-profit and charity groups who provide food assistance across Greater Bendigo.

The City of Greater Bendigo supports this network through the creation and distribution of the food relief flyer.


Bendigo Community Food Pantry

Bendigo Community Food Pantry gives people who are finding things tough, free food orders to temporarily reduce their living costs and help them get back on their feet.

Food orders are made up to suit your needs from what we have available, and can include things like rice, lentils, bread, fruit, vegetables and frozen meals.

    Bendigo Foodshare 

    Bendigo Foodshare provides food to central Victorians in need by distributing food to more than 70 organisations across central Victoria who run food relief programs. Bendigo Foodshare doesn't give food directly to individuals. You can assist by volunteering or making a donation of food or cash.