Heritage Restoration Fund


To be eligible for funding assistance from the Greater Bendigo Heritage Restoration Fund the project must apply to a heritage place of identified historical significance under the Heritage Overlay of the City of Greater Bendigo, and must:

  • conserve the overall significance of the place
  • involve works that are visible from a public place, and focus should be given to the external envelope
  • provide evidence that the work is of a reconstructive or restorative nature (this can be established through building plans, photographs and drawings or through evidence on the place). An exception might be where works are conducted to meet building accessibility regulations only (such as sympathetic external access works to public buildings that have already obtained a permit from Council)
  • be put forward by the property owner or a lessee who has the written consent from the owner and a remaining term of lease longer than any completion deadline
  • not be for additions or extensions to a heritage place 
  • have a Planning Permit or Planning Permit Exemption issued by the City of Greater Bendigo before works can commence
  • not have commenced nor been completed
  • not be for works required due to a repair order issued by the City of Greater Bendigo