Local law 10

Local law

This local law provides procedures for the administration of all of our local laws. It provides direction on the issue of permits, notices to comply, notices of impounding, infringement notices and setting fees and charges.

Applying for a permit

An application for a permit under a local law includes completing an application form and paying the appropriate fee.

Fees and charges

The Council may from time to time determine the fees and charges for local law permits, and notify the public of the setting or altering of fees.

Issue of permits

The Council or Authorised Officer may issue permit documentation (a copy of which must be available for inspection). A permit remains in force until the expiry date on the permit, unless cancelled before that date. Permits may include certain conditions.

If an application for a permit is refused, an applicant may appeal this decision.

Enforcement of local laws

This law includes details of how notices to comply with local laws work, and how they are enforced. If an authorised officer thinks that there is a risk to the environment, they have the power to seize or impound goods, animals or items in breach of a local law.

Offences and penalties

A person must provide correct information, and not seek to intimidate or assault authorised officers enforcing local laws.

Contravening a local law could result in the issuing of an infringement notice or fine.