Parking fines

If you park illegally you risk being issued with an infringement. Parking fines can be served on you by being handed to you, put under your vehicle's windscreen wiper or sent to the registered owner of the car via mail.

If you fail to pay an infringement or to use one of the other options available to you within 21 days of the infringement being issued to you, you will incur additional costs and further enforcement action may be taken against you.

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Appealing your fine

If you have been issued with an infringement by the City and believe you have a valid reason for it to be withdrawn, you have the right to appeal the fine once. This is known as applying for an internal review.

Circumstances which may be considered
  • You stopped the car due to a medical emergency or medical condition
  • Unexpected medical treatment or trauma during an appointment
  • Your vehicle broke down or was unsafe to drive
  • The person who committed the offence is now deceased
  • The infringement was issued to the wrong person or vehicle
  • The vehicle or person was not there at the time of the offence
  • Emergency services directed you to park your car there
  • Police arrested you and you couldn’t move your car
  • Police required your assistance which stopped you from leaving
  • You purchased a parking ticket but didn’t display it correctly
  • You made a mistake when entering your registration into the PayStay app
  • You made a mistake when entering your registration into the smart meter
  • The parking meter/ticket machine was faulty
  • You have a valid disabled persons parking permit which wasn’t visible
  • You have a resident or other parking permit which wasn’t visible
  • You parked in a private parking area and you are authorised to park there
Include evidence to support your application

Any application for internal review should be supported by evidence where it is available.

The following things can be included as evidence to support your application:

  • Parking tickets which were valid at the time of the offence
  • Photographic evidence
  • Statements from medical practitioners
  • Hospital admission or discharge documents
  • Receipts for mechanical repair
  • Towing receipts
  • Receipts for replacement parts
  • Statements from police
  • Death or funeral notices
  • Bank statements showing credit card payment for parking at the time in question
  • Information from your PayStay account showing you paid for parking but for the wrong vehicle
  • Copies of disabled persons parking permit or permit details
  • Renewal of disabled persons parking permit