Parking road rules

Parking on Saturday and Sunday is free of charge in Bendigo's city centre. All other restrictions still apply including time limits, please check the signage which will indicate what restrictions apply to where your vehicle is parked. 

For more information about parking in Bendigo please contact us on 1300 002 642

Understanding parking rules

The following information is intended as a guide only and offers simplified explanations of certain parking rules that you, as a driver in Victoria, might encounter.

Loading zones

Only certain types of vehicles can stop in a Loading Zone. Regular passenger vehicles can't stop in a Loading Zone, even if loading or unloading.

Vehicles which can stop in a Loading Zone include:

  • Permanently signed courier or delivery vehicles
    • Busses or vehicles with seating for 10-12 adults including the driver, dropping off or picking up passengers being used to carry passengers for hire or reward
    • Vehicles constructed principally for carrying loads such as:
      • Utes
      • Trucks
      • Vans without seating in the back

    A default 30 minute time limit applies if the sign has no time limit on it. Any alternate time limit on the sign must be adhered to.

    No stopping zones

    Vehicles can't stop for any reason or length of time in a no stopping zone or area, even if you are only stopping for a short period to let someone out of the car or waiting for another vehicle to move out of a parking bay. You may not stop even if you leave the engine running and stay in the car.

    No stopping zones are installed to ensure motorist and pedestrian safety through improved traffic flow, turning room and lines of sight.  

    Road with a yellow edge line

    Drivers must not stop their vehicle at the side of a road which is marked with a continuous yellow line at the side of the road.

    ​Parking around schools

    The City understands that school pick up and drop off times can be especially busy and stressful for motorists. Road safety is especially important in the areas around our schools. Slow down and take extra care when driving in school zones, especially during school hours.

    When dropping off and collecting children from school do not stop:

    • In No Stopping areas
    • On nature strips
    • Too close to, or on school crossings
    • Over driveways
    • Beside another parked car (double parking)

    Please remember that parking rules around schools are designed to ensure safety through maintaining pedestrian and motorist visibility, traffic flow and accessibility.

    While parking availability is regularly limited directly adjacent to school entrances, ample parking is often available within a short walk of the school. Where possible we encourage parents and carers to organise with their children to meet them at a location within walking distance of the school.

    The City is responsible for school crossing operation. For enquiries regarding school crossing supervision or maintenance of existing crossings call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 002 642 or email [email protected]

    ​​​​​​​Across or on driveways

    Drivers may stop their vehicle on or across a driveway as long as they stop for no longer than two minutes and the driver remains within two metres of the vehicle. This is intended to facilitate pick up and drop off of passengers while ensuring the driver can quickly and easily move the vehicle if required to. Vehicles can't block footpath access while stopping on a driveway.

    Stopping on a nature strip or footpath

    Drivers can't stop their vehicle on a nature strip or footpath for any reason or length of time. Motorcycles are exempt from this rule as long as they don't cause an obstruction.

    ​​​​​​​In disabled parking spots (without a permit)

    It is an offence to park a vehicle in an accessible parking bay without an Australian Disabled Parking Permit (ADPP).

    Motorists should note that a parking area for people with disabilities can be marked by:

    • Disabled parking signs
    • Road markings that consist of, or include, a people with disabilities symbol

    Disabled or accessible parking permits do not extend the time limit shown on an accessible parking sign.

    Accessible parking permits

    Facing the direction of travel

    When parking in a road you must park your vehicle so that it faces in the direction of travel for vehicles in the lane or line of traffic on or next to the road where you park. This applies even if the road is narrow. This rule is intended to ensure that vehicles don't cause a hazard when entering or leaving the parking area by creating unexpected vehicle movements for other vehicles and pedestrians.

    Parking within bays

    Vehicles must park within the marked lines of the parking bay and must not park partly in and partly out of parking bays or across several bays.

    Vehicles too long or wide to fit within a single bay

    Vehicles which are too long or wide to fit within a single parking bay may use more than one bay. No more than the minimum number of bays that the vehicle will fit in can be used for this purpose. Vehicles which have to use more than one bay while parking in a paid parking area only have to pay one fee (pay for one ticket, one bay or at one meter).

    Long or heavy vehicles

    Vehicles which are over 7.5 metres in length or 4.5 tons must not stop on a roadway in a built up area for longer than one hour. These vehicles can only stay for longer than this limit if they are actively loading or unloading.

    ​​​​​​​Parking on private land

    Motorists should be aware that parking contracts made under state legislation enable the City to carry out parking enforcement and issue infringements on private land.

    Motorists should ensure that they observe any parking signage installed on both public and private property.

    Public holiday parking rules

    Some parking restrictions do not apply on public holidays.

    Where parking signs state days of the week (i.e. metered and time restricted parking) motorists do not have to pay the fee or obey the time restriction on public holidays.

    For parking signs that do not state days of the week (i.e. no stopping zones, loading zones, permit zones and 24/7 time restricted areas) motorists must observe the restriction and pay the fee if applicable.

    Days specified as public holidays in Bendigo:

    • New Year's Day
    • Australia Day
    • Labour Day
    • Good Friday
    • Easter Saturday
    • Easter Monday
    • ANZAC Day
    • Kings Birthday
    • AFL Grand Final Holiday
    • Bendigo Cup*
    • Christmas Day
    • Boxing Day

    *Melbourne Cup is not a public holiday in Bendigo as it has been substituted with Bendigo Cup.