Tradesperson parking permits

Tradesperson parking permits

Tradesperson parking permits exempt permitted vehicles from time restrictions and the requirement to pay for parking at a ticket machine or meter. This exemption provides access for tradespeople to businesses and buildings within Bendigo's city centre, as well as residential areas for construction work, development, repairs and maintenance where there is no available space for vehicles or equipment on site and high parking utilisation on street.

Permits cannot be used in 10 minute bays, disabled bays, permit zones or loading zones without specific approval.

Permits do not allow vehicles to park illegally in or on no stopping zones, footpaths, nature strips, crossovers/driveways, blocking traffic. Any vehicle detected illegally parked will be issued with an infringement.

Physical permits are not provided.

Please call us on 1300 002 642 to enquire about tradesperson parking permits.


Parking in all of Bendigo's commercial streets is managed to ensure parking availability for customer access to businesses. As such the tradesperson parking scheme is managed to allow maintenance access while limiting the impact on businesses. This means that the number of permits available in each street is limited and permits may be allocated in a nearby street or location away from where the works are to be carried out.

You may not be allocated a permit if there is already a high number of permits allocated nearby.

The permit scheme cannot be used to provide convenient parking for tradespeople attending work for the day. Permits will only be allocated to vehicles which are required directly for trade related construction or maintenance works. Any vehicles which are not being directly used are not eligible and if found will have their permit cancelled and a parking infringement may be issued if the vehicle is in contravention of time restriction or paid parking requirements.

Tradespeople or companies working on large projects may not be eligible for permits and are expected to drop off items and equipment needed then park elsewhere. People working on these projects are encouraged to commute by public transport or carpool to the jobsite. Where workers and subcontractors on major construction projects require storage or delivery space, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with the project manager for the job, as a permit to use on street space may not be provided.

Eligible items / vehicles:

  • Vehicles required for direct access to tools or equipment, this includes trailers
  • Removalist vehicles
  • Skip bins are eligible but are not be permitted near outdoor dining areas. Pick up, delivery and emptying should only be completed outside of business hours. Skip bins must be marked with retro reflective tape on each corner to be placed on the road. Further information regarding the use of skip bins on roads is available via our community local laws page.

Ineligible vehicles:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Any vehicle which is not required for constant access to tools or equipment
Permit fees - As per financial year

Fees are reviewed annually and may be changed.

  • $15.20 per bay per day in paid parking zones
  • $7.60 per bay per day in free time restricted zones
  • $7.60 per bay per day in time restricted zones on weekends

Invoices will be sent out monthly. If invoices are not paid according to the terms on the invoice your permit will be cancelled and your business may be marked as no longer eligible for the permit scheme.

It is the responsibility of the business organising the permit to reserve permitted bays through use of bollards or witches hats. The City does not guarantee the availability of bays and does not reserve them for you. Refunds are not available if your preferred bay is not available.

Permits can be cancelled at any time and any misuse may result in your business no longer being eligible for the scheme.

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Large construction projects parking

Tradesperson parking permits are granted to vehicles directly required for the delivery of the project:

  • Cement trucks
  • Cranes
  • Vehicles delivering supplies

Permits will not be approved for tradespeople unless the vehicle is directly required for the delivery of the project. 

In order to limit the impacts on customer access to businesses and services in the area, we encourage all workers to drop equipment off on site and seek parking in one of the all day car parks in the vicinity or park in one of the all day free streets on the periphery of the city centre.