Food businesses

We regulate food businesses and organisations by monitoring their compliance by:

  • Inspecting and registering food businesses
  • Collecting samples of food for analysis
  • Investigating complaints and incidents of illness associated with food
  • Providing education and advice

All businesses that sell food and drinks to the public in Greater Bendigo must register with our Environmental Health unit and meet the requirements of the Food Act standards before commencing trade. Should the business be sold to a new owner, the registration can be transferred.

New fees effective July 1 each year.

Food business classes

There are four classes for registration of a food business. A business is classed according to the degree of risk associated with its food handling activities.

You need to understand which class your businesses falls into before you can find out specific requirements you will need to meet. 

Meat, fish and dairy businesses

Some businesses are required to register with other authorities and do not need to register with the City.  

Meat and seafood producers are businesses that sell, transport, store or prepare mainly meat, fish or seafood (like a butcher or fishmonger) and need to register with Primesafe.

Dairy businesses that sell, make, transport or prepare mainly dairy products are regulated by Dairy Food Safety Victoria.

Temporary and mobile food vendors

Business operators or community groups can apply to register their temporary or mobile food premises at Foodtrader, a website developed by the Department of Health.

You lodge your application via Foodtrader. On completion the Foodtrader system will lodge it automatically to your principal (registering) council for review and approval.

Contact us

For more information about food businesses please contact:

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