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Organics bin exemption

If you already manage food and garden material on your property, you can apply for an exemption from our organics collection.

You need to demonstrate how you manage all organic material effectively on the property. We will ask you what happens to your food scraps, leftover cooked and uncooked food, and garden waste. 

We accept a combination of composting, worm farm, mulching machinery, household animals, or using a private contractor or gardener.

  • If your organics management systems meet our criteria and your property is less than 1 hectare in size, we will contact you within 10 working days to arrange to visit.
  • If your property is over 1 hectare or 2 ½ acres, please include photos of all management systems you have listed in your application.  Where possible, please make sure the photos clearly show that the systems are in use. For example, if you have listed that you use a compost bin of some kind, we need to see compost inside the compost bin to know it is being used to compost your food scraps. Applications submitted without sufficient supporting photos will not be processed.

Apply online to request an exemption

Please note, organics services that commenced in November 2023 as part of the rural collection service will not have their applications processed until May 2024.

Request organics bin liners and/or kitchen caddy

Additional compostable caddy liners and/or a replacement caddy can be obtained free of charge (limits apply) by phoning Customer Service or by ordering online.

Once your request has been submitted and processed, an officer will normally attend the nominated property within 1-10 working days to deliver your organics caddy liners and/or caddy.

Request additional organics bin compostable caddy liners or caddy


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