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Greater Bendigo Environment Strategy 2016-2021

The Greater Bendigo Environment Strategy will contribute to achieving outcomes that provide the local community with clean air, water and a healthy natural environment.

It is based on an internationally-recognised benchmarking format One Planet, which supports sustainable living. It is based on the following objectives:

  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Zero waste
  • Improved shared or low-carbon transport options
  • Increased use of sustainable building materials
  • Supporting local and sustainable food production and community sharing
  • Long term sustainable water security
  • Thriving landscapes and ecosystems
  • Diverse cultures and communities celebrating connection to nature and sustainable living
  • Equitable and sustainable local economy
  • Improved overall health and happiness of the community

To help achieve the strategy’s five year vision and the One Planet objectives, the City of Greater Bendigo will work with the community to deliver the following flagship projects:

  • Power to the people – support behaviour change to make a difference in their homes, work and local community
  • City in the forest, forest in the city – develop a rich tree network to increase biodiversity and provide shade
  • A renewable, equitable energy network – harness the local solar power potential
  • Restore Bendigo creek – develop a shared vision for restoring the creek

While the strategy is a stand-alone document, it aligns with the Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy, the Waste and Resource Management Strategy and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.