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Online payments

We accept Visa or MasterCard (this service is provided by Commonwealth Bank BPOINT). We do not retain your credit card details.

BPAY - If your invoice includes this method of payment, you can use online banking or contact your bank to pay with your cheque, savings or credit account. Use the biller code and reference number on your invoice.

Reference number

Your reference number may include leading zeros e.g. 000123456. Please omit these zeros when making payment. In this example, enter the reference number as 123456.


Rates payment

Pay your Rates online

A Frame, Goods and Table and Chairs Permit Renewals

Pay your renewal online

Animal infringements

Including animal infringement payment plans.

Pay your animal infringement online

Animal registration renewal

BPOINT biller code 353722

Bendigo Community Christmas Lunch

BPOINT biller code 423889

Building fees

Including Asset Protection and Permit lodgement.

Pay your Application invoice online

Building permit search (file retrieval)

Pay your invoice online

Building Property Information and Legal Point of Discharge

Pay your invoice online

Domestic Animal Business Licence Renewal

Pay your Domestic Animal Business renewal online

Early learning centre place payment (childcare)

BPOINT biller code 3003269

Environment Protection Infringement

Pay your Environment Protection Infringement online

Fire Infringement Notice

Pay your Fire Infringement online

Food Act 1984 Infringements

Pay your infringement online

Health Registration Renewal

BPOINT biller code 268656

Invoice payment

e.g. Invoices for event bookings, general debtors, landfill accounts.

Pay your Invoice online

Local Law Infringements

Including Local Law Payment Plans

Pay your Local Law Infringements online

Parking infringements

Including Parking Infringement Payment Plans.

Pay your Parking Infringement online

Planning application and subdivision fees

Pay your Applications online

Planning information requests and pre-application advice

Pay your Applications online

Planning scheme amendments

BPOINT biller code 423889


Septic Tank Application Fee

Pay your Applications online


Terms and conditions

The City of Greater Bendigo provides an online service to process certain transactions online. These transactions are subject to the terms and conditions for online services. Refunds are processed in accordance with these terms and conditions.