Bin night

What day is my bin collected?

Find out dates for all services in your collection area.

Bin requests

How often are bins collected?

We offer households three bin services: 

  • Organics bin with lime green lid - fortnightly 
  • Recycling bin with blue or yellow lid - fortnightly 
  • General waste bin with dark green or red lid - weekly

We collect on public holidays except for Good Friday and Christmas Day. 

Households in rural areas will join the organics service in November 2023.

Put out your bin the right way

So your bin is emptied make sure it is:

  • On the street by 6am
  • Near the kerb (handle facing your house)
  • Spaced with 50cm between bins
  • Shut - close the lid to prevent littering as bins are picked up
  • Under 60kg in weight

Your bin should not be on the kerb, except for the 24 hours either side of your collection day.

Bins belong to the address. Do not take bins if you move.

Bin audits - find out how they work

We spot-check bins on collection day to prevent load contamination and help your household understand what goes into which bin.