Reducing your waste

Create less waste

There are many things that you can do every day to avoid creating waste:

  • Bring your own water bottle or coffee cup
  • Take a shopping bag
  • Refuse drinking straws 
  • Use a lunch box (and no cling wrap)
  • Ask for takeaway food in a reusable containers
  • Put a ‘no advertising’ sticker on your letter box (free at our offices)
  • Opt for email communications instead of paper letters

Help us save on the financial cost and environmental impact of sending waste to landfill.

Sort it into the right bin or drop it at collection points and transfer stations.

Reduce your food waste

Too much food ends up as waste. To reduce food that ends up in your bins, avoid impulse buying and plan your meals. Write a list and check what is already in the pantry and fridge before food shopping. Freeze leftovers, use them to cook new meals or take them for lunch the following day.