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Save time and fees - sort your load

Sort items into groups by material as you load up at home. This can make drop off quicker and save you money. Separate green waste, metals, e-waste, general rubbish. Unsorted loads will be charged at a higher rate. 

You can drop most recyclables off for free. You will pay a fee to dispose of other waste. 

Find out how much and how to pay

We no longer accept cash. Bring a debit or credit card to pay by EFTPOS when you drop off waste.

Domestic waste
  • Garbage bag (<70 litres): $5.70 
  • Wheelie bin: $14.40
  • Car-load: $22.50 per load
  • Car-load unsorted: $48 per load 
  • Trailer-load, ute-load, 6x4: $48 per load
  • Trailer-load, ute-load, 6x4 (unsorted load): $95 per load
  • Trailer with cage 6x4: $86 per load
  • Trailer with cage 6x4 (unsorted load): $170.50 per load
  • Trailer, tandem 8x5: $100 per load
  • Trailer, tandem 8x5 (unsorted load): $198.50 per load
  • Tandem trailer with cage 8x5: $198.50 per load
  • Tandem trailer with cage 8x5 (unsorted load): $398 per load
Green waste

We accept only domestic waste quantities at Goornong, and domestic and small quantities of commercial waste at Heathcote transfer stations.

No green waste at Strathfieldsaye Transfer Station.

  • Domestic car-load: Free 
  • Domestic trailer-load, ute-load, van-load: Free
  • Domestic trailer, tandem: Free 
  • Commercial business: $21.50 per cubic metre (Heathcote only)

Limited to one load per day.

All green waste must be clean green waste. If it is contaminated with soil, weed matting or rubbish it will be charged as waste.

Free domestic green waste is limited to a single 6x4 caged trailer or equivalent quantities in larger domestic trailers. If the load volumes of green waste are excessive, the site supervisor can decide to charge at the commercial green waste rate. Tree stumps also are not accepted under the free green waste exemption. 


Only accepted at Heathcote Transfer Station.

  • Car: $8 per tyre 
  • Car tyre (with rim): $14 per tyre
  • Motorcycle: $8 per tyre
  • Light truck: $12 per tyre 
  • Light truck (with Rim): $14 per tyre
  • Heavy truck: $14 per tyre
  • Heavy truck (with Rim): $24 per tyre
  • Super single (with or without rim): price on application per tyre
  • Bob cat: $14.60 per tyre
  • Forklift (small): $14 per tyre
  • Forklift (medium): $19 per tyre
  • Forklift (large): $24 per tyre
  • Forklift over 36": price on application per tyre
  • Tractor (small): $70 per tyre
  • Tractor (medium): $114 per tyre
  • Tractor (large): $172 per tyre
  • Other: price on application

The EPA sets strict stockpiling limits. We can accept only residential tyres and a limit of up to:

  • Five tyres for tyres up to and including 4WD tyres
  • Two tyres applies to any tyre larger than a 4WD tyre

Tyres from commercial operations will not be accepted.

  • $63.50 per cubic metre (Including commercial cardboard). Limit 1 cubic metre
  • Unsorted load: $127 per cubic metre
  • E-waste: Free 
  • Fridges, freezers, air conditioners: Free (at Heathcote and Strathfieldsaye, no white goods are accepted at Goornong)  
  • Mattresses: $27.50 each 
  • Gas bottles (<9kg): $14.80 each 
  • Oil - volumes - no more than 10L: $5 
  • Paint: free (at Heathcote and Strathfieldsaye) through 'Paintback' drop off